Hi. I'm a developer, admin and musician from Germany. I study geoinformatics at the University of Münster and do a lot of stuff with computers, music and audio equipment in my spare time.

Here are some things I'm involved in:

German pop/rock band. I make guitar noises and pretend to sing.
Spin My Fate
Modern rock band. I'm their live sound engineer.
The eLectures division at the University of Münster. We are a small team, implementing an automated system for lecture capture using the Opencast system.
JuZ Paul-Gerhardt-Haus
I'm usually the guy behind the mixing desk, when there's a liveconcert.
I'm a member at the local hackerspace. Sometimes you can find me there, doing cyber stuff.

Previously, I also did this:

Opening Reproducible Research
Research group exploring the possibility of making research reproducible with technologies like Docker.

Things that I've written:

[de] Techrider, Soundcheck und andere Dinge.
A guide for bands what I expect in a techrider, when I'm working as a sound engineer.

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